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Winchester's WINSIGHT (WCS) Software

Winchester Industrial Controls own WCS, called "WinSight", is the intelligent software that handles product throughout a logistics warehouse to access your production environment the way you like. Beyond the handling of product through a Distribution Center, we also offer reports on productivity, graphical representations of real-time status and archived event logs of all system transactions. WinSight Time/Date stamps transactions associated with all communications between our “Smart” devices in our WinSight system (Scanners, Scales, and Print & Apply Transmissions).

WinSight features:

  • Web Based Design/Deployment, for use on Tablets, Phones and PC’s

  • Communications with a wide range of PLC’s

  • Data Collecting

  • Real Time Monitoring Graphical Status Screens

  • Routing of Orders to be Picking Locations

  • In-motion Weighing of Cartons

  • Label Applications

  • Product Sortation

  • Dynamically Assign Cartons to Divert Locations

  • Email/Text Notifications

  • Preventive Maintenance

  • Inventory

  • Work Orders

  • Interfacing to a Host Level System

  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

  • Data and Status Reports

Quickly Launch WinSight Across Any Number of Clients at your Facility

Winchester Industrial Controls is your best partner for creating the customized software interface for SCADA or MES projects. Out interface makes it easy to access your production environment on multiple devices, such as PC’s, tablets and phones. Our mobile solutions are based on modern IT standards where you can manage your entire SCADA system in one central location, and launch clients on individual machines with no direct installation required. We will build on our shared experiences to create synchronicity between your plant floor and management the make sharing information and goals easy.

Web Based Interface

Access is easy with our web-based interface. Get you production data from your mobile phone or tablet. Our customized HMI allows access to what you want when you want it, through secured SSL and role based access. Active monitoring of a system allows WinSight to Email and/or Text Alarms to users for instant notification of system events.

With Winsight running your plant and/or DC, data acquisition can be easily logged and stored in a database for reporting and analyzing your businesses production.

Winsight Data Reporting

Winsight Platforms and Screens

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