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At Winchester Industrial Controls, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are available to review your control system needs. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.

Our reputation for thorough testing, guaranteed installation, and on-time completion at reasonable cost has made Winchester Industrial Controls the integrator of choice for many major corporations.

Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering and CAD

Winchesters Engineering staff use the latest industry standard software for generating PLC code, SCADA systems databases and project design.

Electrical Field Installation

Winchester Industrial Controls has assembled a staff of talented electricians equipped with the knowledge of today’s automation hardware. Our team of experienced installers pave a smooth road for our engineers that commission the projects.

UL 508A Electrical Enclosure Fabrication Shop

Winchester Industrial Controls is a registered UL 508A electrical enclosure design and (UL) fabrication company. 

Systems Support

At Winchester, we take care to provide our customers with high quality services, personalized for their unique needs. Sales/Design/Install/Support

Conveyor Control System Design

Winchester has many years of experience successfully implementing PLC conveyor controls for warehouses, airport baggage handling operations, and manufacturing facilities.​

Sortation Control System Design

Tilt-tray Sorters, Bombay Sorters, Cross Belt Sorters, Shoe Sorters, Hanging Garment Sorters; whatever equipment you have Winchester has the expertise to interface with your WMS,  properly track, deliver and confirm your product.

Palletizing Control System Design

Whether lifting, rotating, transferring, or just transporting, Winchester has proven control solutions for smoothly handling large and bulky loads

Airport Baggage Handling Controls


Airport baggage systems with controls and emergency stop safety.

Machine Control System Design

Whether lifting, rotating, transferring, or just transporting, Winchester has proven control solutions for smoothly handling large and bulky loads

Product ID Scanner Setup and Control

From single Bar Code Scanners to Scan Tunnels to RFID to Camera based systems, the field of product identification is undergoing rapid change as new technologies come online. Winchester’s commitment to applying the correct solution for our customer’s needs is a hallmark of our company.

Industrial Network Design

Winchesters Engineering department use the latest network equipment on the market for fast and reliable network infrastructures for system designs. A typical design could include Allen-Bradley DeviceNet, Ethernet/IP, ControlNet using all types of cabling standards like Cat-5 and Cat-6.

Auto Print & Apply Setup and Control

Winchester has broad experience with Automatic Print & Apply systems. Our engineering staff can program and install a Print & Apply Machine for your business. From systems applying multiple labels per carton to inline systems capable of handling 70 cartons per minute, we know labeling.

In-Motion Weighing Setup and Control

Winchester has extensive experience interfacing with In-Motion Weighing Systems. Our system will receive data from a scale that weighs anything from envelopes to large cartons and check that its within spec from data received from a download from a host system.

Controls for Truck Loaders

Winchesters electricians and engineers can setup, install and test truck loaders for your Distribution Center. If product is either coming or going, our team can integrate a truck loader systems for smooth product flow.

Conveyor Merge Optimization Control Design

Winchesters electrically designs, programs and installs devices on a merging conveyor to optimize the merge for maximum carton flow. Based on customer specifications, our programming logic will maximize the flow of product to its destination with as little gapping and backup as mechanically possible.
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