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Winchester Controls your Production and Logistics Environment

Increasing competition requires us to be more proactive in how we add value to your business. Winchester Industrial Controls has assembled a world class team of engineers and electricians that are dedicated to delivering the most effective automation solutions at reasonable prices.

Winchester Industrial Controls specializes in developing control systems for almost any automation application. Our awareness of control systems puts the power of automation at your fingertips. We maximize the flow of information from operators on the plant floor up to management. We design and layout the best system for your needs, develop all levels of hardware and software, and integrate them into a seamless automation package.


Winchester Industrial Controls provides you with planning, system design, and plant wide integration, in addition to 24/7 technical support.

We help customers:

• Maximize production efficiency
• Improve material flow
• Improve quality
• Increase situational awareness
• Optimize resource planning
• Quickly resolve technical issues
• Reduce operational expenses


Since 1988, manufacturers in a variety of industries have relied on Winchester Industrial Controls for industrial automation, information systems, electrical controls and field installation. We are problem solvers with the expertise and resources it takes to find the most efficient and cost-effective automation solutions for any manufacturing application — including yours.



Complete Solutions that Exceed Expectations from Start to Finish


Winchester Industrial Controls provides a complete Turn-key solution to your Industrial Automation Concepts and supplies any of the services described below and more:


Top Project Management

We will assess the system, devise a solution, put the components in place, and get the system up and running with maximum speed and minimal disruption to your production schedule.


Engineering Analysis

Using advanced engineering techniques, we will evaluate your current production process and collect the data necessary to formulate the best solution to your project.


Detailed System Design

Using an approved functional design, we will create the ideal system solution for you featuring the latest in PLC hardware and software along with SCADA programming. We will select the proper components from a variety of suppliers and integrate them into a smooth working unit. We use structured programming techniques to develop software and rely on computer-aided design tools to assist in drafting and hardware development.


Electrical Installation Supervision

We are on hand at every step of the installation process to ensure every component is properly placed, connected and functioning correctly.


Project Start-up

We will make your integrated system operational, and take care of any post-installation troubleshooting. We will leave you with a fully functioning and integrated facility.



We provide an engineered electrical designed drawing package, along with any other essential information that would be required for a project.



Our detailed training programs reflect our commitment to helping our customers improve the operational performance of their equipment. We offer several training levels that are designed to provide our customers with the knowledge and skills to achieve optimal productivity from their systems.

Customer Support

Our staff is ready to handle any issues or questions that may arise with any automation system. With remote support, we can quickly diagnose issues and have you back up and running fast, 24/7.


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