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Electrical Field Installation

Winchester Industrial Controls has assembled a staff of talented electricians equipped with the knowledge of today’s automation hardware. Our team of experienced installers pave a smooth road for our engineers that commission the projects.

No Space is to tight for our guys, even the owner!


Field Wiring - 24VDC Modules, Push-Buttons, Photo-Eyes and Emergency Stops


Gate Conveyor Wiring and Piping


Piping in Tight Spaces


Photo-Eyes and Emergency Stops Mounting and Wiring Installations


Electrial Power Supply Mounting, Piping and Wiring


PLC's and Electrical Enclosure Field Wiring


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Retro-Fitting an Obsolete PLC

Engineering converted original PLC 5 program into a new Controllogix program. Electricians install original I/O wiring to new controllogix I/O modules.

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